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Case Studies

A Star Is Born

A caregiving agency had been hired by a long-distance daughter to check on her mom. The agency noticed the mom was not handling her bill payments easily and was becoming more confused. The daughter had her own child and life in another state.

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She could not come to help mom. Mom refused to move to daughter. The professional fiduciary was able to step in as the newly named Trustee and Agent. After working patiently and slowly, she determined the client was overwhelmed with a fear of the work involved with moving closer to her daughter. The fiduciary helped her client become emotionally prepared. Once mom decided, daughter flew out to help her mom move. Now she is a “Star Client” because she was able to make her own choices and get the help she needed to accomplish a long-term goal. She can now see her only granddaughter grow-up and does not worry about arguments with her daughter about money.

A Worried Mother

A Naval officer and his loving wife adopted two children, late in life. After this honored veteran passed away, his wife began to worry about how her adult children would manage the modest estate she and her husband had built-up over their lifetimes. One of her children's health was failing.

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The other had an addiction to gambling. She wisely chose to name a professional fiduciary to handle the trust and split into two FBO trusts until her children reach retirement age. The assets are managed for the benefit of these two adults many years later. If not for the worried mother’s foresight, the assets would be completely depleted.

A Collaborative Conservator

A daughter was very concerned for her parents’ health and well-being. Her brother was a drug addict and lived in the parents’ house since his divorce. The daughter was advised that a Conservatorship for both parents would allow her to care for them without the burden of direct conflict with siblings. A professional fiduciary was asked to step in quickly.

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Within days the parents were placed in a wonderful Board and Care home and their assets were moved from the control of the impaired brother, who had been the acting Power of Attorney. This action, though costly, has immeasurable benefit to avoid the heartache of watching elderly parents subject to the unpredictable whims of the impaired son.

A Charitable Benefit & Lifetime Income

An aging client had an only son. He lived out of state and could not be near her. She managed her daily life well, even as she approached her 90's. She loved her son, but every year when he visited, he took her to the bank to pull out a large gift “to tide him over”.

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He never seemed to be able to take care of his finances. She created a Charitable Remainder UniTrust. This gives him regular income for life. When he passes away a dearly loved charity will receive the remainder.

A Bank Trust Company Resigns

A family’s wealth was built with real estate investments from the 1970’s. Over time, these purchases turned into a significant nest egg.

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After her husband died, the elderly wife realized she needed help. She turned to a bank to step up as Trustee. When the bank demanded that she drop her long-time property manager, she resisted. The bank decided it could no longer serve her needs, so she turned to a private professional fiduciary who listens. She now has the comfort of knowing that her family holdings will not be sold and she can continue to have her “Circle of Care” involved in her life.

A Tale of Three Sisters

One of our clients knew his daughters opposing personalities often led to conflict. He wisely named a neutral, independent, successor trustee.

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The three sisters did have disagreements during the trust administration. But, none of them had the ability to control the assets. This minimized the conflict. All three sisters received equal information and a final trust distribution that honored their parents’ legacy


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